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The National Leasehold Group (NLG) is an independent networking group which includes senior leasehold managers and practitioners from across the sector.


Formed in 2010, the initial focus of the group was to promote professional leasehold management in Housing Associations. As the group has grown we have increased our scope and now welcome Local Authority property professionals as members. The group continues to promote leasehold management as a recognised specialism as oppose to a branch of generic housing management.

The NLG now boasts over 200 members nationwide and has regular meetings on both a national and regional basis. The NLG runs various conferences throughout the year, a Seminar programme and other adhoc events to respond to specific sector issues as the arise.

The NLG annual conference has become a sector leading event, with over 300 attendees each year.  The NLG has the support and fully engaged endorsements from organisations such as The Leasehold Advisory ServiceARMA and the ARHM. It is invited to respond to various DCLG consultations and represents the views of its members in a number of other forums.
Kevin Dunleavy - NLG Group Chair
NLG Group Chair: Kevin Dunleavy
Head of Homeowner Services, The Guinness Partnership

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