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Beevers leads the way in service charge assurance and partners with the National Leasehold Group

Accountants and Business Advisors, Beever and Struthers has partnered with the National Leasehold Group (NLG) as lead service charges assurance providers, providing service charge training and expertise.


As the Number 1 provider of audit services to the Social Housing Sector in England, Beever and Struthers continues to be at the forefront of financial reporting across the sector.  The firm provides service charge examination services for over 100,000 variable service charge residents annually, providing technical expertise to housing associations across the country.

Meet the National Team


How can Beever and Struthers help with Service Charge Examination?

Beever and Struthers have extensive experience of providing Service Charge Assurance services to housing associations, local authorities, private landlords and managing agents.


We offer advice on service charge statements financial reporting and disclosures and adopt the best practice standards and produce specific property certificates.

Our service charge experience extends well beyond certification, and here are some of our areas of expertise:

  • Review of service charge organisational controls, systems, and procedures.
  • End-to-end process reviews of service charges.
  • Help you choose between a fixed or variable regime.
  • Lease reviews to ensure compliance with terms and relevant legislation.
  • Review organisational controls, systems, and procedures.
  • Detailed compliance checks of the allocation of costs, overheads, and management fees to schemes as well as to individual leaseholders.
  • Assessing compliance with Section 20 consultation set – out in the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.
  • Compliance with ICAEW guidelines.
  • System mapping from financial information to service charge modules.
  • Review of budget and costs for improved recoverability.
  • Review systems implementation.
  • Detailed management letter on issues including process improvement and benchmarking.
  • Lean process reviews of practices, systems usage, and recoverability of relevant costs.

Service Charge Systems

Beever and Struthers work with a wide range of modular and specialist service charge systems used across the sector. Our experience includes reviewing the implementation of such systems, design, and operation of controls, reporting, training, and efficiency of use.


Michael Tourville, Partner, and National Head of Service Charges said: “Assisting housing associations with the complex financial reporting and assurance responsibilities for leasehold service charge statements continues to be a key focus for Beever and Struthers.  We continue to invest in our team and resources to provide housing associations with the assurance required for service charge statements compliant with legislation.  Landlords face a range of risks including fire safety costs, building safety costs and environmental improvements. Recharging a fair and reasonable proportion to residents in line with legislation can be a challenge. We continue to help associations navigate these risks.”


Maria Hallows, Executive Partner and Head of Social Housing said: “Over 50% of our business comes from the social housing sector and service charge assurance services are at the forefront.  We look forward to supporting the National Leasehold Group and its members as their lead service charge assurance provider.


Alan Wake, CEO, NLG said “We are delighted to have Beever and Struthers on board as partners of the NLG. The group exists to support housing professionals in leasehold management through training, networking, and events. The support of our partners allows us to subsidise our delivery while also benefiting hugely from their vast experience in the sector. Beever and Struthers are established as key service providers to our members and have already supported us immensely in terms of how we manage the increasingly challenging area of Service Charges. I look forward to working with them moving forward.


Beever and Struthers have a strong not-for-profit reputation based on the provision of high quality, tailored services with many of the leading UK Private Registered Providers amongst its clients. The firm is one of the UK’s leading independent accountancy firms with offices in Manchester, London, and Birmingham


Our team looks forward to meeting you at one of this year’s NLG conferences, look out for us and come and say hello.  If you would like to discuss a particular enquiry before the June Conference, please contact Elizabeth Hatchman or Michael Tourville on 03330 910411.